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Asteroids Widget
Asteriods is a Dashboard widget that allows you to play the classic Asteriods arcade game on your desktop. Its compact size won't waste screen realestate (Unless you want it to, then get Big Asteroids). The game features a high scores board with the top 100 scores for all Asteroids Widget players worldwide.

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Tired of squinting at your screen? Get Big Asteroids!

Download Big Asteroids v1.3

Version 1.2
10/14/05 What's new:
• [New Feature] Hyperspace

Version 1.1
6/27/05 What's new:
• [Bug Fix] Link clicking bug fixed

Version 1.0
6/6/05 What's new:
• High Scores Board
• Instructions Panel
• Larger Text Links

Version 0.9 Beta
5/8/05 What's new:
• First public release